About Polish Ministry

CCM Media Mission Statement:

CCM Media seeks to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to direct people towards salvation and discipleship by using and developing modern media including radio, Internet, digital recordings, cable TV and mobile network with follow-up offered on-line and off-line by trained volunteers.



Polish CCM Media (DEOrecordings Association) Board:

  • President of Association and CEO, Dr eng. Henryk Krol
  • Vice-president  Jerzy Gredziak (businessman)
  • Peter Bye (UK, musician)
  • Rev. Leszek Czyz (pastor)
  • Bp. Zdzislaw Tranda
  • Dr eng. Adam Krol (Director Habitat for Humanity)
  • Adam Stepasiuk (businessman)
  • Adam Walach (Czech Republic, businessman)
  • Witold Ruszczyński (businessman)
  • Paulina Krol (businesswoman)

Auditing Board

  • Rev. Adam Kleszczynski, chairman (pastor)
  • Rob Sieval (The Netherlands, businessman)
  • Jarosław Haduch (banker)
  • Jan Machalica (auditor)

Little history

Its roots date back to 1975 when a group of 10 young evangelicals were called by the Lord to make a change, by introducing the gospel to major audiences by the means of music concerts. A DEOrecordings (10 for God) band started its 15 year long activity.

Music has opened many doors to previously closed Catholic churches. Depending totally on the Lord, often in the adverse circumstances of a Communist regime, these young professionals (an architect, a civil engineer, a mechanical engineer, a carpenter, a bookkeeper, a plumber, etc) were led by the Lord, step by step, – often pushing to the limits the degree of available freedom – towards developing present day media operation that is a major influence and has had a major impact on the lives of millions of Poles.

They believed contemporary communications, used properly, can open a new, wonderful, opportunity for sharing the gospel on a scale that can make an impact on the whole nation.

By God’s grace they were able to develop many wonderful international friendships with outstanding Christian people and this has helped to be very progressive in pioneering in Poland some of the best Western programs and strategies, modified to suit Polish culture. This has given the “novelty premium”, with all its advantages.

From the very beginning they wanted to be financially sustainable, self-supporting, not permitting external funding to limit operations and vision. Both a Recording Studio (started in 1986) and present radio networks (started in 1997) operate on commercial principles, covering their operational cost. International donations are used to accelerate outreach and start new projects.

A graph below shows growth tendency of influence CCM Media encounters since the early beginning, among people using Polish language. 2012 figures are expected results, with Lord’s help.

As they are giving all their lives and passion to their call, want to make sure it is effective. This is why they are closely monitoring the outcome of this work, not afraid to abandon methods that do not work (rapid changes are part of the present environment) and constantly refining operations. They do not want to be mere followers, they want to be innovators.
CCM Media understand the need for a generation change, this is why they are investing in young, gifted people to take the Message to their own generation. The resent multimedia team consists of young and very young people, who bring their creativity to connect with today’s postmodern society
In all those years, professional staff has grown to present 59 people, with most of the direct outreach done by over 400 trained volunteers.


Right now they are focused on three main areas of operation:

  1. Two FM Radio networks (Radio CCM with 5 transmitters, Radio Fest with one transmitter, airing in local dialect) targeted at non-Christian audience (this is our mission field, isn’t it?) operating in the South of Poland, with a significant 5% market share (a weekly audience of approximately 900,000 based on independent polls.
    On some markets the stations are ranked no. 1.
  2. Studio DR, a professional music and multimedia production facility and publishing house, importer and distributor of Christian music, own Christian label, software developer, technical backup for all Internet projects. Studio DR has developed a new e-learning platform – Gele 2.0 to be used internationally as a follow-up tool into discipleship
  3. Use the Internet as an evangelizing and harvesting tool.
    Using SzukajacBoga.pl (Jesus.net) as a platform they offer some 40 websites, social media pages and mobile pages in the Polish language.
    This has attracted hundreds of thousands of seekers. Among the ways they are reached are:

    • Radio station promotions;
    • Google promotion;
    • a number of other “entry gates”; (concert text messaging, bluetooth broadcasting, LED billboards, special events, etc.)
    • Follow-up programs (modules), offered via the “entry gates”, both on-line and off-line.

The follow-up modules include:

  • Why Jesus? An on-line, five part Bible study course.
  • Christianity Explored. A small group multimedia program. On-line and off-line
  • Christian to the core. An on-line and off-line discipleship/multiplication course.
  • Odkryj Radio. A website offering a choice of sermons, testimonies and Bible studies, available on-line, over 8,000 files.
  • Mystory.me Testimonial web page
  • The Truth Project. For small groups discussion meetings
  • “Outback” family work Camps and weekly ministry, 2 camps a year and 4 weekly men’s groups.
  • Mapa.pl + a tool helping finding good fellowship, church or events nearby the seeker
  • Life Explored – evangelistic small group project
  • The Bible Project (in Polish) summaries of Bible books in animated format
  • New Bible translation (SNP) placed on YouVersion
  • New English language platform Grow Your Life
  • Multimedia material for parents, “Podróż Przemian” (Journey of Transition)
  • Numerous Support Pages. Resources for our volunteers.

A full listing of present activities and its variations are shown at the footer of this page, but most of it is in Polish language 🙁 . Please – note – links to the web pages are active, they can bring you to a right spot with just a click.

The strategy of CCM Media

As Henryk Krol, CCM Media CEO said: “We want to follow Jesus’ strategy: respond to the real needs of people. As Jesus has individually tailored every one of His conversations with people He met, we must listen to our contacts (seekers) to discover their real needs and respond to them prayerfully.

We should answer only the questions that are asked. Not overwhelm (impress?) people with our theological knowledge. Such common paradigm has pushed most of them away from church.
We have analyzed tens of thousands of seekers’ e-mails and created a list of symptoms, problems, most common needs – and then created modules that can lead towards finding the answer. This is an ongoing process, we are working all the time on improving our tools.

The spiritual growth path is not a linear model; people differ and should be able to determine their own path by selecting modules that best meet their his present interests. The Internet allows confidentiality and anonymity and people are quicker to share their life situation with one person they have come to trust.

The key role is that of the personal e-coach. Every seeker who is interested is assigned to one. No formula letters are used. Every case is different and must be brought to the Lord in prayer. It is the Holy Spirit that convicts.
The E-coach does not give answers or fast fixes. He is to show a direction, to inspire a seeker to find for himself God’s solution.

And when people are ready for it we introduce them to a small group, like “Christianity Explored” or an Alpha course, whenever is technically possible. In many locations there are no groups or interested churches, so we encourage/train our e-coaches to start them. Nevertheless, on-line versions can be accessed by 10 times more people then off-line options; this is why we are continually developing new, on line tools.

This really works! And because it works, many believers, (people sitting in churches in row 3 – 15) now discover they want to be involved.

Many of them have great skills, people like doctors, artists, teachers, businessman and lawyers, housewives, students, etc. In the average church they usually do not engage in any activities that are relevant to their skills as they are not offered. When they are introduced to the effectiveness of our projects, many of them, prompted by the Spirit, want to be part of it because it is so inspiring. This is how we recruit volunteers. Half of them are men, more then half – evangelical Catholics. This makes us very happy as 96% of seekers are Catholics.

As multiplication is our goal, we have purposefully decided not to keep total control over all the developments/correspondence. Even if we would like to, it is practically impossible! We trust the Holy Spirit is calling people to this work and His plans are even bigger then we can guess! But in the mean time a community of our e-coaches has emerged whom we serve, encourage, train, and help. There is a prayer movement that supports the coaches.

In past year we have developed a regional structure so people stick together and discover in it a major personal benefit. An army of new, highly motivated leaders is emerging! And their input, advice and recommendations are seriously considered. This adds a great momentum that draws in even more new people.

There is a close synergy of all our media, each one plays its role in supporting the common goal.

Partnership and cooperation with like-minded people from various denominations and organizations, very little structure, passionate involvement, delegating of responsibilities, team work, full transparency and accountability, striving for excellency, relying totally on the Lord and being continually under His final authority – these are some of the ways we see as our duty and goal.

How do we know our objectives are being realized?

  1. Testimonials of people who were saved by the Lord are the most convincing, encouraging outcome. Several have already become e-coaches! There are hundreds of stories, some of them we film and use in new outreach.
  2. Statistics. Even if we know they are not totally representative, they are a measurable indication of people’s interest. The popularity of our Radio programs in a real life market. Some 3,000,000 visits to the main evangelistic page, “Looking For God”. Over 54,000 people in follow-up.
  3. Testimonials of e-coaches who work directly with seekers. Stories of how they grow in their own spiritual lives.
  4. People joining small groups/churches. Over 18,000 are known to us.
  5. External surveys, checking reception of content by our responders, like the one currently led by the US based Clarity Research group.
  6. Financial indications. As someone said: “The Lord pays for what He orders”. Polish donations for Internet projects are more than doubling, year to year. Major international support from our strategic partners is allowing us to grow in an optimum way.

We are aware of the unique opportunity of a “new political beginning” we had and are overwhelmed by Lord’s goodness and blessing. Literally every day brings a stream of new seekers asking for help. We want to give all the Glory to our Lord and prayerfully wait for His guidance towards the next step. “To whom much is given, from them much is required”

Below, watch in real time (just as you watch) decisions people make to receive Christ to their lives over Jesus.net platform, in 22 languages.

Strategic partnership

Our Radio ministry was developed  in partnership with Reach Beyond.

CCM Media is collaborating and devoted to an innovative, international Internet platform (movement) of Jesus.net, started in France in 2005 by Eric Celerier, being its Polish partner but also stimulating its expansion and vision on international scale.

In Poland we cooperate closely with Catholic evangelical revival movements.

We shoud mention also other key partners: International Leadership Institude, CRU, BGEA, Inside for Living, The Bible Project, CBN, Nick Vuijtic.

We are blessed by great partnerships and friendships with many individuals, foundations and prayer warriors

Current Projects

DEOrecordings ministry focus on 3 major areas:

  1. Evangelism and discipleship in Poland, daily on-line and off-line operations, incl. training, program development, involvement of hundreds of volunteers.
  2. Building Ministry software tools for multiplication, providing technical infrastructure and service center
  3. International involvement. Helping partners on International scale. Sharing our best practices, learning from them, for maximum impact.

Ad. 1.

Divided into 4 stages:

  1. Access (initiating relationship with a seeker)
  2. Know (explaining the gospel)
  3. Grow (leading towards discipleship, defined as: “Prioritizing intentional, social process of becoming more like Jesus, walking in His Spirit, rooted in His Word, in all aspects of life”
  4. Share (training for multiplication)

Each-one of the categories has between 4 and 45 different projects, on-line and off-line, in constant development, offered to the seeker/disciple.

Ad. 2.

4 kinds of software product developed:

  1. GELE Mentoring-Discipling Management System, (known also as CODEX), conducting on-line discipleship
  2. Augmented Reality booklets (with phone app) – Gospel of John
  3. Connected Giving donor communication tool (for EGCC)
  4. WhatsApp chatbot, to stimulate small group growth (for JH Outback)

Ad. 3.

3 levels of involvement offered:

    1. Providing and servicing/hosting (SAAS) our software tools
    2. Adding to 1 – training of coaches, implementing, writing courses, mentoring, supervising, traveling for training, etc.
    3. Turnkey package – we take somebody else’s content and turn it to productive courses on Gele platform

We do also lots of translation work of films and multimedia content, compose and record music, do professional videos, etc.


To allow effective management, but also for transparency and accountability, DEOrecornings Association established and owns in 100% 3 companies:

  1. Studio DR, Ltd (in Wisla)
  2. Radio CCM, Ltd (in Gliwice)
  3. MCC Group, Ltd (Radio Fest) (in Gliwice)
  • with separate double entry books and leadership


All evangelistic activities and spiritual care is offered for free.
Ministry, using its structures tries to monetize some of its professional services offered to other organizations or clients, to allow sustainability, turning all the profits towards conducting – offered for free – statutory activities. Such income comes from:

  1. Selling radio advertisement time
  2. Selling DVDs, CDs with Christian content
  3. Offering our software tools and service center to other ministries
  4. Multimedia productions and conference setups
  5. Translating and publishing Christian material, serving other ministries

Such income covers 53% – 73% (depends on the year) of total expenses of running the Ministry.
Donations are used to pay the deficit, accelerate and develop new projects

Website address and contact detail

Links to several of the websites are shown in a footer of this page.

Mailing address:
DEOrecordings Association, Malinka 65 D-2, 43-460 Wisla, Poland,
mail: hkrol@ccm.pl