Current projects

We pray for, plan and work towards growth in following areas:


  • Changing the license to allow more advertisements to be played in a day
  • Looking for a new site for our Radio operations in Gliwice
  • Optimizing technical coverage of our transmitters
  • Preparing for digital radio switch


Internet outreach:

  • Growing a number of people in follow-up by 20%
  • Developing new version of technical platform, GeLE 2.0 to serve unlimited follow-up courses in Poland and by all interested parties
  • Preparing the next version of reporting system on measurable outcomes of our outreach
  • Training and encouraging e-coaches to be available for hundreds of interested seekers, growing regional structure, recruiting new volunteers;
  • Training and encouraging e-coaches to become also small group leaders in their area, to offer needed help to new converts also off-line;
  • Developing new and updating existing follow-up modules, both for on line and off line usage, to meet the needs of interested people;
  • “Christian to the core” (C2C) small group 12 week long discipleship program; implementing by 100 groups, training new leaders and e-coaches for this program;
  • “GROW” – an on-line version of C2C, software written from scratch by our team; finishing multimedia material
  • Growing Focus on the Family  “The Truth Project” in Polish language, training discussion groups leaders, etc; having at least 500 small discussion groups in 2014
  • Growing men prayer/accountability groups in connection with “Outback” ministry;
  • Developing international links to help others effectively implement potential of Internet and media: Czech “Hledam Boha” web page, Niger Christian Radio “Fidelite” and helping establishing Lituanian evangelistic ministry
  • Helping global movement to fulfill its vision on International scene.
  • Co-organizing in Poland Global conference, April 26 – 29, 2014 and – 6 national Polish conferences


Studio, Technical and Spiritual Infrastructure

  • Some equipment replacement
  • Creating a new “film translation funnel” to bring to Polish audience 12 new Christian films in 2014
  • Growing our technical software development team
  • Growing dedicated “Content Development” group
  • Preparation for International Multimedia Training Center in Poland
  • Growing prayer movement around “SzukajacBoga” platform (