Who we are

New Europe Communications (NEC)- is a non-profit ministry with 503 (c1) status, based in the US.

Its primary goal is facilitating the growth of the work of evangelism in Poland as undertaken by CCM Media (DEOrecordings Association), which focuses on using available media channels (FM Radio, Internet, music, multimedia, special events) to communicate the Good News of the Gospel and “make disciples” from new converts.


NEC was established in 2004 by close friends of this Polish ministry, (Charles Rogers, Ralph Hamburger, Harold Sala, Peter Torry, Allen Weed, Kent MacElroy, Rich Buhler) who have visited Poland many times and were watching all the blessings, but also the struggles and hardship.
Several of these friends had known the Krol family for more than 25 years and had witnessed the growth of the work started by a small committed group of Christians from the start of their work in 1975.
They share with Poles a vision of seeing their commercial FM radio networks using media combined with Internet presence in numerous variations as a strategic tool for reaching the whole of Poland and beyond with the Gospel, presented in a way that is attractive to non-Christians, a proper target for any evangelism!
The “harvesting” and “discipling” is done via the daily involvement of hundreds of trained volunteers.


The goal of NEC is to advise this Polish ministry and its Board in all relevant ways, add credibility and input, where appropriate, a “Western thinking” approach and, most essentially, to ease the burden of fund raising in the USA, allowing the Polish team to focus their energies on their primary ministry rather than on the constant struggle for adequate funding.
NEC, after close scrutiny, considers the Polish team to be competent, capable, passionate, having total integrity, highly committed and utterly Christ centered.


The NEC Board is made of:

  • Hank Paulson, trasurrer, (Founder and President 4D ministries, Colorado Springs)
  • Kyle Williams, chairman, (businessman, Williams Media)
  • Heide Jones (mentoring director KSBJ Radio)
  • Wes Griffin (founder and Co International Leadership Institute)
  • Henryk Krol, (CCM Media CEO, Wisla, Poland)

Adviser to the Board:
•    Phill Butler, (President VisionSynergy, Seattle)

Board of Reference:
•    Dr Mike MacIntosh, (Pastor&President Horizon Int, San Diego);
•    Joni Eareckson-Tada (Joni&Friends, Los Angeles)
•    Dr Harold Sala, (President Guidelines Int. Los Angeles)
•    Paul Ramsayer (retired, formerly Northwestern College and SkyLight network leader, Minneapolis)
•    David Johnson, (Former President HCJB World Radio, Colorado Springs)
•    George Verwer, (Founder Operation Mobilisation, London, Great Britain)
•    Harvey Thomas (President FEB, London, Great Britain)
•    Ian Mackie (President United Christian Broadcasting, Stoke on Trent, Great Britain)
•    Martien Timmer (President 3 x M, Holland)
•    Professor Jerzy Buzek, former Prime Minister of Polish Republic Government, now member of European Parliament, Poland/Belgium)

How we proceed?

  1. Milestone
  2. Finances

Once a month, a working Skype Board meeting is held with Polish leaders where all current matters/finances are discussed and action steps agreed.

Once a year, on average, one or two day long physical meetings take place with invited Polish leadership to discuss, plan and pray – for the next steps of growth.

There is a close, friendly communication link between individual Board members and Polish leaders on average several times a week, over Skype and email.

There are frequently mutual visits of Board members during a year to attend, consult/lead special programs.

NEC is helping with fund rising in the US and then – monitoring, supervising, controling, disbursement of monies that have been designated for specific projects in Poland.

A comprehensive on-line reporting system has been developed in Poland to monitor finances and measurable outcomes of Polish ministry, for total accountability and transparency.

NEC has no paid staff in the US and any administrative expenses are covered by one of the Board members.


With God’s help and competent advice from NEC, a long term (stage 4) goal was accomplished:  to help to expand the ministry to the point of financial self-sufficiency in its daily structural operations. Now, all received donations are used entirely for new projects, for expansion and acceleration of effective, measurable, outreach.

The scale of influence on Poland is unprecedented, reaching some 15% of entire population, based on independent data sources for which we five God the glory.


All through the years, NEC was able to channel to Poland significant funding coming from US Foundations, churches and individual donors.

The overall budget of Polish ministry is approximately 2 million USD, around 30% of it comes from donation.

Our ministry is recognized by US based organization, Excellence in Giving as a trustworthy operation with a certificate of Intelligent Philanthropy

Even as our focus and mission is Evangelism, we want to keep to the biblical principle of multiplication of talents. To maintain continuity and growth, we allocate part of received funding in our infrastructure used for project implementation. The good news is that money invested into our ministry has brought,  in a significant way, increase of market value of our assets, besides bringing major spiritual return.